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  • How many degrees below zero can 'get a Phase Change?

    Phase change to a single engine can get down to -60 ° C
    while a dual motor or Cascade, can get to -110/120 ° C

  • How much time take the start time of a Phase Change Cooling "DimasTech Controlled"?

    We are in the order of 3 minutes, to arrive at a temperature of about -35 ° C, temperature at which the controller sends the start-up to the motherboard

  • Phase Change Cooling System cam be a solution for daily use?

    yes, it can be applied with due caution when mounting the evaporator, with good insulation and bearing in mind that we are not using a heatsink, heatpipes or a waterblock/liquid cooling, if possible choice the version with a controller ( "Controlled").

  • What is the ColdBug?

    The question coldbug and 'very delicate especially on AMD cpu dualcore home, but it' a problem that occurs randomly, so it can 'be lucky to have a CPU that works in a certain range of temperatures below zero, or its cpu already 'at 0 ° C will not work'.
    my advice and then 'to reflect the purchase, basically the system that we produce and' compatible with all available platforms except the socket, so it must be seen as a stable purchase, say as a power supply of high level, that a Once you purchased does not change more 'for some' time.
    Other considerations and 'alongside the other hand, if we orient ourselves to the new dual core CPUs (Core 2) Intel who are deprived of coldBug and very attractive for use with Phase Change.