Quality and Design

DimasTech produces Bench Table / Tech Stations since 2007, when the company began selling the first Easy V1.0.

Our company was the first in the world to transform an object of common use among hobbyists of personal computing (also known as PC Enthusiast), mainly hand-built with wooden planks and metal plates, into a commercial product, customizable in color and form, hand-assembled in Italy.

DimasTech solutions offer an unmatched compromise between price / performance, validated by an ever-increasing quality and a very complete bundle of accessories.

Today, the Bench Table for the PC enthusiast fully cover the range of motherboards available on the market (from Mini-ITX to HPTX / SSI-CEB) and comply with the dimensional standards for the use of all peripherals.

DimasTech strives to design and manufacture products that are simple to use and assemble, trying to satisfy even the most demanding customers, offering modularity of accessories and complete freedom of customization.


Material and High Quality Finish

The Bench Table of DimasTech SNC are made entirely of steel, using panels with a minimum thickness of 1mm. Each piece is laser cut, bent with CNC machines and welding is carried out in robotized stations for maximum accuracy.
After receiving a pre-treatment primer the components are powder-coated, so as to stand the test of time.


Mounting Hardware

DimasTech provides its customers with a product that is easy and intuitive to assemble; in fact, the thumb screws and easily removable accessories make it possible to assemble & disassemble the product without the use of tools (TTIS: Total Tooless Installation system).


FlexFan Support Always Included

The new FlexFan, now in its second edition and included in all Bench tables of DimasTech Systems SNC allows you to ventilate one or more areas of the motherboard, thanks to the flexible arm with a diameter of 10mm.
The FlexFan supplied with all DimasTech's bench tables is the 120mm version. The 140mm version is supplied separately.


Modularity and Creativity

DimasTech's products are designed to satisfy the most demanding PC-Enthusiasts, since they are the ones who give the company the best feedback in terms of usability, quality and details, actively contributing to the develop of the new series of products.
The new series of bench tables from DimasTech is supplied with modular 3,5” and 5,25” installation brackets which allow the installation of hard disks and optical drives inside the main structure.
The new VGA support is now available in 3 different sizes, for 4, 8 and 10 slot motherboards. DimasTech Bench Tables are the ideal starting point for an open air platform, they are perfect for a liquid cooling integration project, fully supporting all kinds of customized accessories.


Fast Hardware Removal

The new stand offs EasyGo are perfect for fast removal of hardware off from the bench tables, and are a standard supply with the Mini and Nano series, while V3 and EasyXL versions use standard stand offs with thumb screws, which is ideal for overclocking or gaming platforms. The standard height of te EasyGo and traditional stand offs is 25mm, making aeration of motherboards easy to accomplish, making it easy to install complex cooling systems which require insulation under the motherboard.